24 Eco-Friendly Wood Projects That Use Used Items


 #18 Balcony Table

This table can be hung over the fence on any deck or patio. Needless to say, you’ll have to make it fit your fence. A simple idea that gets rid of the need for a full-size table on your deck.

#17 A simple hanger for jewelry



This is a great project for someone who has more jewelry than drawer space. These simple jewelry boxes are easy to make and won’t take much wood. They’ll look great and keep your jewelry safe, turning it into wall art when you’re not wearing it.

#16 Rack for towels



There isn’t enough room for everyone to store their clothes. This plan will show you how to make a simple but stylish towel rack out of recycled wood. It’s a great way to turn an old board into pretty towel storage for your bathroom.

#15 Mountain Art Made of Wood

mountain art


To put this beautiful piece of wood mountain art together, you’ll need more than easy DIY building skills. To light it up in that way, you’ll also need to know how to work with electricity. But the end result is really worth the work.

#14 The Book Tree

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It’s not enough to just build a shelf; you can also make a unique book tree. You might even think of this as an information tree. It can be made from almost any kind of wood you have lying around. Even old floors that have been reused would work. This stylish idea will teach you how to build a desk out of old wood.

#13 Frame for the Mirror


Old wood can be used in a lot of different ways to make a mirror frame. You can do it in a lot of different ways. Just use your ideas to find the one that fits your spirit the best.

#12 A dog bed


Do you love spending time with your dog? This cute dog bed made from an old board is a great place for your best friend to sleep. Just make sure you know how big to build it by measuring your mattress.


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