24 Eco-Friendly Wood Projects That Use Used Items


 #5 Basket for shoes


Everybody has shoes on. If you have a big family, you probably have a lot of shoes. It’s better to have this useful shoe organizer than to have your shoes all over the place or in your closet. You’ll never run out of room to store your shoes again.

#3 A wooden tote



Do you have a lot of woodworking tools that you don’t know where to put them? You should now use your building skills to make a wooden tool tote for yourself. Make it out of any scrap wood you have on hand. It will help you build many things for a long time.

#2 Toilet paper holder made of metal


A little wood and a few pipes are all you need to make this industrial toilet paper holder. Even so, the wooden shelf can be made from any kind of wood. This is a great way to use an old, small piece of wood that you couldn’t find another use for. Even better, this one-of-a-kind piece will be the talk of the room every time a friend uses your bathroom.

#1 A wooden flag

wooden flag


Don’t know what to do with those old fence pieces? It can become an American flag to show your pride and creativity. A few old fence boards and some paint are all you’ll need for this fun project that won’t take long to finish.

In conclusion

Wood can usually be used for something else, unless it’s rotten and moldy. See what the wood could become instead of what it is now. All you need is a little imagination. You can make anything out of that old wood if you know how and have the right tools. Most people won’t even know that you recycled that wood when you’re done. This will not only save you money, but it will also make sure that you never throw away wood; always look for a way that it can keep giving and living on in a new way.

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