15 Simple Woodworking Projects for Beginners That Sell

simple woodworking projects

For most people, a little extra cash here and there may have a significant impact on their financial state. With the right equipment and sufficient experience, you may focus on woodworking projects that sell and earn additional money.

Since woodworking is such a fulfilling pastime, why not pursue your passion and make some additional money while doing it?

Selling wood crafts may potentially be a full-time source of income. All you need to do is figure out your specialty, market well, and become an internet seller.

However, where do you even begin? Which types of woodworking projects are popular right now?


Continue reading to learn what it requires. I spent all day researching woodworking projects for sale on sites like Etsy. In fact, I discovered 15 of the most popular woodworking projects that are still pretty easy to make.

I then discovered free designs for a variant of each of these best-selling projects and linked to them directly on this website, as seen below.

But it isn’t the complete picture. If you want to make money with woodworking items that sell, you must first develop a plan.


If you’re interested in making money with woodworking, grab a drink, take a seat, and read on.

This Is The Whole Strategy For Making a profit From Woodworking Projects That Sell

How to Make Woodworking a Successful Business

The common saying “if you do what you love, you’ll never work again” is appealing in principle. Even if you’re beginning a company doing something you’re passionate about, it’s still hard work and a gamble.

Nonetheless, if you stick to the methods I’ve outlined here and persist at it, you will see results. Evidence required? The worth of the woodworking sector in the United States in 2018 was $258.5 billion. By 2024, this figure is anticipated to rise to $291.3 billion.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why working with wood may be successful. Why don’t we study it?

Step 1 : First, find a niche.

Choose a market to concentrate on, such as presents for women, kids, home décor, or useful furniture.

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

Here, the goal is to develop a fan base. These are the best clients you have, and they will keep coming back for more. This works best if you choose a niche market and make every effort to stick to it.

What you should do in life if you want to succeed is this: Being a bit helpful to everyone is not the point. It all comes down to giving the proper people A ton of aid.

Step 2 : Product Research

With this page’s list, you can get started straight now. Get some market-specific ideas.

You don’t have to totally commit at this point, but you must start somewhere, so come up with one or two product ideas.

Step 3: Location

Decide where to sell your things and conduct market research. Pay great attention and take notes on price, product descriptions, and popular features.

In the end, you want to know what the target market wants to see, what price range you should be operating in, and what is actually doing well.

Step 4 : Outperform Everyone else

You’ll want to outperform your competitors to obtain an advantage. Add features, colors, or package it as a collection of things that complement one another.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Think they would. Come up with ideas and features that people want to see in what you produce. Always prioritize them and make an effort to understand their perspectives.

This is not about you flaunting your abilities or impressing others. It’s about getting your potential buyers to exclaim, ahhh, I need that right now !

Step 5 : Take up woodworking classes

The internet is rife with woodworking forums and courses that may help you perfect your craft. We share the best woodworking online courses found online :

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About This List:

These projects are generally for beginners, and you don’t need to know everything about woodworking to get started. They are picked from a variety of sources, mostly Etsy, which is the most popular marketplace for handcrafted things.

Take a look at the goods on this list and choose ones you wish to try. If you’re acquainted with woodworking, go ahead and start.

Woodworking Projects That Sell: Boost Your Income from Your Interest!

#15 DIY Cutting Board

You may make a cutting board using a tablesaw, sandpaper, and untreated timber. To ensure that this project is food-safe, use food-grade mineral oil. A full guide for these is available here, or you can take it a step further and cut each chimney using this how-to.

#14 Couch Sleeve

sofa sleeve

There are many of us who have experienced the same problem: sitting on the couch with nowhere to set down our beverages. Holding it the entire time or needing to get up to set it down on a nearby table might be annoying. However, you can make a chic DIY holder that only slips over the arm of your couch using a sofa sleeve that comes with a cupholder. You may now spend more comfortable and convenient time on the couch. The full tutorial is available here.

#13 Wine Rack

wine rack

Wine enthusiasts frequently adore the more rustic appearance that wooden items provide. It follows that wine racks are a popular project for novice do-it-yourself woodworkers. It’s sufficient for these racks to carry a few bottles at once; they don’t need to be very large. They enhance the rustic look while providing simple access and fitting neatly onto countertop areas. The full tutorial is available here.

#12 Chalkboard Shelves

This is an easy do-it-yourself version of an otherwise expensive, gorgeous blackboard shelf unit. Scott from SawsOnSkates completed the construction.

The joinery just needs pocket screws fastened with a Kreg jig—no glue is needed. However, he rounds around each board during this appearance before attaching. For aesthetic appeal, black-painted metal brackets encircle each corner.

He uses a circular saw to cut the chalkboard backing to size then finish nails it to the shelf unit after staining and finishing it.

Naturally, the equipment listed here are only suggestions based on his techniques and preferred finish, which you may alter to your heart’s content.

#11 Holder for Earrings

Being a woodworker gives you a lot of alternatives. Though you may design whatever form or style you choose, a flat base with a frame that mounts on top would be the ideal option for novice woodworkers. Your earrings will be held in place with a mesh backing, which also gives your jewelry a pretty area. Better still, everything is visible to you and you never have to worry about something disappearing into a drawer. The full tutorial is available here.

#10 Magnetic Chalk Board with Wood Frame

This intriguing and practical magnetic whiteboard, from AnikasDIYLife, is made using simple equipment and is expected to be in high demand.

She uses a jig saw, but I would use a scroll saw. Simply use whatever you have; it goes without saying that her preferred instrument is less costly.

She makes it magnetic and inexpensive by using galvanized sheet metal on the back! Keep in mind that in order to sell these creative items locally or online, you must keep expenses low enough to maintain a respectable profit margin while maintaining competitive pricing cheap.

Chalkboard paint that has the finish seen here is available. These have a really nice, affordable construction, and they sell really well online.

#9 Let Sleepy Dogs Lie

Try your hand at making furniture by giving the family pet a new home. Furring strips and pine board are needed for this project, and to make things easier, the wood is joined using a joining jig, wood glue, and a nail gun. Here is the whole how-to including measurements.The full tutorial is here.

#8 Docking Station beside the Bed

Check out Christine’s really useful charging station over at She provides excellent assembly instructions along with the necessary individual cuts, angles, and board thickness.

Wood glue and a brad nailer with 1-1/4 in brad nails are used for joinery. She includes excellent images and directions that walk you through the entire process. This instruction is excellent.

This kind of project is applicable to almost anybody, so even if it might not sell for a high price, you can promote to a wide audience and turn a profit by producing large quantities.

#7 Decorative sign

decorative sign

Everybody has seen those mass-produced placards at the large box store in our neighborhood. They all convey the same ideas, some of which might come off as quite cliche. But what if you could use woodworking skills to create your own attractive sign? The best part is that you can use it to cut straight into a wooden plank or to make a frame for a personalized burlap print. There are countless options. The full tutorial is here.

#6 Make Your Own Patio Table

Pallets are an excellent tool for a beginner carpenter. Numerous simple carpentry projects with a rustic feel may be made by mounting and modifying the adaptable shipping staple in a multitude of ways. The large rolling coffee table seen above is just one clever choice. The full tutorial is here.

#5 Wall Art Made of Scrap Wood

scrap wood art

This is a straightforward project completed on Fix This Build That, which is an excellent resource for projects. Products of this kind are highly sought after on e-commerce sites like Etsy. You can easily build this inexpensive DIY out of whatever scrap cutoffs you may already have lying around.

This one will need a little more ingenuity because the design and arrangement will be entirely dependent upon the scrap wood pieces you have. This is advantageous since every piece you construct will probably be one-of-a-kind and unique.

#4 Coasters

This is a really simple project that Timisha from Toolbox Divas completed. A hot glue gun and a few simple hand tools are used to assemble it. All you’ll need in terms of supplies are a few square dowels and the paint or stain you choose to use to complete it.

This won’t sell for very much, therefore it should be wrapped with at least four coasters. You may even package it with additional items that are linked to it, such a coffee table centerpiece or a tablet holder. It may be an entire set of accessories for a coffee table!

#3 Make Time to Regroup—That Is, with Bottles

The beverages table is given a touch of rustic appeal by this wooden rack. Once your components are cut to size, join them using a nail gun and a little wood glue. Seal or stain the assembly afterward. Is the bottle opener on the side impressive? All you need are a couple of screws. You may find a complete lesson here. The full tutorial here.

#2 Tub Caddy

Bathtub Caddy

I found this guide on to be really helpful. They are employing expensive walnut hardwood. Brad nails and glue are used for joinery, and varnish is recommended as a finish.

In reality, they create the panel using biscuit joinery, which you may skip if you don’t have a biscuit cutter. For a speedier construction, you may use pocket screws instead of glue or just use adhesive.

These devices could easily sell for much over $100 if you add additional features. Get some inspiration by looking at what is currently selling on Etsy.

#1 Kitchen Organizers

Kitchen Organizer

In the kitchen, there can never be too much organization. Whatever uses you may think of, be it holding kitchenware, silverware, or something else completely, are all welcome. There is no better way to maintain the organization of your cutlery drawer than to make an organizer for your drawers. You may adjust the number of compartments to suit your needs for storing silverware.

Final Thought :

In conclusion, embarking on woodworking projects as a beginner can be both fulfilling and financially rewarding. These 15 simple projects provide a great starting point for honing your skills and gaining confidence in your craftsmanship. Whether you’re making rustic decor items, practical household accessories, or personalized gifts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy creating.

As you continue to explore the world of woodworking and expand your repertoire of projects, consider taking advantage of resources like Teds Woodworking Plans. With its extensive collection of detailed plans and step-by-step instructions, Teds Woodworking Plans offers invaluable support to woodworkers at all levels. From beginner-friendly designs to advanced projects, you’ll find endless inspiration and guidance to fuel your creativity and elevate your woodworking skills.

So why not take the next step in your woodworking journey? Visit Teds Woodworking Plans today and unlock a treasure trove of woodworking knowledge and inspiration. Whether you’re pursuing woodworking as a hobby or considering turning it into a profitable venture, Teds Woodworking Plans has everything you need to succeed. Start building your dream projects with confidence and precision, and let your passion for woodworking shine through in every masterpiece you create.

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