28 DIY Woodworking Projects For Christmas

personalized Christmas sign made of wood

Christmas is coming up soon! Many people say it’s their favorite time of the year.

Now is also the time to be artistic, because you’ll want to decorate your home to make it even happier.

Making easy projects out of wood is one of the best ways to do that. We can help you if you want to start working with wood but don’t know what to do.

Here are the 28 best do-it-yourself woodworking projects you can do this Christmas. Some of these projects are so easy and beautiful that you’ll be amazed!


Best Simple Woodworking Plans For Beginners

So before you dive into these amazing woodworking projects for christmas I highly suggest to check Ted’s Plans. The Best option for you for both beginners and experts. Why? Wow, that’s a very good question. No need to worry about the security of their plans, since they are developed by experts. When making anything substantial out of wood, safety should always be your first priority. On the other hand, it might be frustrating if you choose for a less expensive, lower-quality plan and the result is subpar in comparison to what you were expecting.

Their beginner-friendly step-by-step guidelines are also crafted by experts. It was a secure moment, but it also brought some pain. If you’re just getting started with woodworking, it’s important to start with plans that are well-written and easy to follow.


These programs are also cost-effective. For less than $100, you’ll get 16K incredible indoor and outdoor woodworking designs, tutorials, videos, and much more.

You can start with a set of plans designed for beginners, and then progress to more advanced projects and plans as your knowledge and expertise grow. This means you can keep using the same set of plans over and over again to build beautiful furniture and other woodwork without having to buy new plans each time.


DIY Woodworking Projects For Christmas

#28 Calendar that counts down to Christmas

 Calendar that counts down to Christmas

You’re counting down the days until Christmas every year, right? Then this calendar will help you locate the exact number of days left until Christmas.

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

The best thing about it is that you can make this nice calendar from scratch and show off your woodworking skills.


#27 Wooden Bead Crown

Wooden Bead Crown

It’s easy to make your home look nice, and projects like this one make it even easier.

You can put this wreath up anywhere in your house. Maybe you want it in your bedroom or living room. It’s a great project for people who are just starting out.


#26 A personalized Christmas sign made of wood

personalized Christmas sign made of wood

Making this custom Christmas sign out of wood will make a beautiful piece of home art. Because you can put almost anything on this sign, you can make it your own. You can put almost anything if you want to.


#25 Make your own Christmas trees out of scrap wood

DIY Scrap Wood Christmas Trees

Are you ready with some scrap wood? It makes you feel like you need to do something. After that, you can do this project and see what else you can make with old wood.

The good thing about it is that you can use it to make small Christmas trees that you can put around your house. Also, they’re really simple to make.


#24 Christmas Row Homes Made of Wood

Christmas Row Homes Made of Wood

These wooden houses are so cute, don’t you think? This year, you can make them yourself and put them somewhere in your house.

It could be your kitchen or living room. It will help you make your house feel like a cozy Christmas village.


#23 Sign made of old wood

This project is perfect for you if you like the look of things that are worn down. Make this sign out of wood. You can change it however you want and put almost anything on it.

It will look good in your living room or next to your Christmas tree.



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