28 DIY Woodworking Projects For Christmas


 #22 How to Make a Wooden Stocking Door Hanger

Wooden Stocking Door Hanger

This year, do you not have anywhere to hang your stockings? After that, you can make this beautiful stocking hanger out of wood by yourself. The end result looks great and is also pretty easy to make.


#21 Make your own Christmas tree out of wood


Here’s an easy way to use up extra wood this year: use planks of wood to make a beautiful wooden Christmas tree that you can paint and style however you like. It’s a great thought to try!


#20 Wall shelf with snowflakes


This wall shelf looks like it was made for winter, and it will look great all winter long. It will be even better at Christmas, though.

You can do this nice craft job that will take some time but will be worth it in the end.


#19 Sign that says “Let it Snow”

Do you wish it would be white on Christmas? Based on where you live, it might not happen very often.

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But you never know, this year could be your lucky one. But this kind of sign can really get you in the Christmas spirit.


#18 Make Your Own Wooden Planters

DIY Wooden Planters

Another idea that fits into the outer group is this one. You could make one of these planters, or even several of them, so you can put some traditional Christmas plants around your house.


#17 Make your own Christmas decorations out of wood slices

Are you fed up with the same old store-bought ornaments? You can try something new this year.

You can use wood to make your own little ornaments and paint them in any way you like. It’s a great idea that also leaves room for imagination.


#16 Make Your Own Christmas Lantern Post

You can add some light to your decorations this year with lanterns, but you might not have a place to put them.

Making a wooden lamp post like this is an easy way to solve this problem. It makes it easy to hang the lights, and it looks great with your Christmas tree.


#15 Make Your Own Tree Shelf

Although this shelf is not in the shape of a snowflake like the one above, it is similar in how it works.

Doesn’t it look great? You can make a handmade tree like this that you can use as a shelf instead of a Christmas tree.


#14 Make Your Own Old Wooden Sled

Do you like to sled? Almost everyone remembers sliding as a child. If that sounds like you, you can make your own sled like this one.

It’s a nice piece of decoration that will make the outside of your home even more interesting.


#13 Advent calendar that hangs on the wall

Wall Mounted Advent Calendar

An advent calendar is a great thing to have around Christmas, and this year you can even make one yourself.

This idea isn’t the same. It’s meant to be hung on the wall, but it’s really simple to make.

Wooden planks make up the base, but you’ll need a place to hang the calendar things.



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