28 DIY Woodworking Projects For Christmas


 #12 DIY Wreath for the Outside

DIY Outdoor Wreath

During the Christmas season, wreaths are very important, and you can make a nice one like this for the outside of your home.

You won’t need a place to hang it because it comes with a wooden platform. You can also make your own platform like this.



#11 The traditional mantel for Christmas

Traditional Christmas Mantel

This wall is perfect if you want something more classic. Before you decide it’s impossible to get that classic Christmas look, give this a try.

It’s fun to make this project with old wood and a lighted lumber Santa sleigh sign.



#10 Small Christmas trees for tables

Tabletop Christmas Trees

Today, instead of having one big Christmas tree, you can make these cute little ones. If you want the best results, spread them out all over your house.


#9 Make Your Own Wooden Reindeer

DIY Wooden Reindeer

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Reindeer are important for Christmas and Santa because they help him get to you no matter where you are.

They are often used as decorations, and this year you can make your own out of wood with a project like this one.


#8 Candlesticks with peppermint stripes

A lot of people like to use candles at Christmas. You can use them to light up your home and make it feel like Christmas.

You can go one step further and make lamps like these that are easy to use.


#7 Christmas Tree Made of Wood Blocks

It would look great almost anywhere in your house to put this small Christmas tree made of wooden blocks.

On the blocks, you can also write something to remind yourself that it’s Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year.


#6 Trust Country Christmas Art

Now is the time to get creative with your projects. This year, you can choose one like this.

You can use this to make a nice piece of art that you can hang in many places in your home. It’s really simple to make and looks great.


#5 Ornaments made of old wood

You won’t even have to buy gifts this year if you make them out of rustic wood like these.

Also, doesn’t it feel more like home when you make your own gifts instead of buying simple ones?


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