12 Awesome & Easy Woodworking Projects for Kids to Build


If you’re looking for a fun and engaging activity to spend time with your kids, look no further than woodworking projects! Not only are these projects a great way for kids to tap into their creative energy and make something they’ll be proud of, but they can also be a relaxing and profitable hobby for adults.

From beginner-friendly plans to more advanced projects, these DIY woodworking ideas for kids are the perfect way to get started. Whether you’re just looking for a fun hobby or you’re interested in starting your own woodworking business, these projects are a great place to start.

For those new to woodworking, we’ve also included a list of basic tools every beginner needs and two comprehensive guides to help you build your own workshop and turn your hobby into a business.

Simple Wooden Projects for Children

Check out these simple woodworking projects for kids! They are ideal for novices and may be finished in a matter of hours. Furthermore, your youngster will enjoy seeing their final item displayed in their home or workstation.


So get started now and help your child master the fundamentals of woodworking with these easy wood kits for kids!

#12 Make a Baby Crib Out Of a Barrel

Were you always a fan of distinctive and imaginative barrel furniture plans? Then you’ll like working on this charming baby crib made from a barrel. With little alterations, this may be a chair or a pretty interesting swing that you can use both indoors and outdoors in your garden.


While it’s a more difficult woodworking project, it’s still a fantastic option for beginners, and you can work on it with kids and allow them paint and decorate it whatever they like.


#11 A Toy Camera Made Of Wood

If you have a camera at home, your youngster will be excited to acquire his own. Even if this will not be a real camera, the idea that he will be a part of its creation should thrill him.

Even better, the DIY wooden toy camera is simple to constructβ€”just stick and glue a few components together. This is a fantastic opportunity for the youngster to use his creative ability.

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects


#10 Children’s Playground and Camping Tent

There isn’t much wordwork involved in the construction of this camping tent. It’s basically some wooden poles fastened together and fabric sheets connected along a beam keeping them together. Will your kids mind if they can construct a fort in their backyard in under 10 minutes? There are several tent designs and instructions available online, but here is a fairly simple set of instructions that not only explain you how to build the tent but also give a template from which you may truly unleash your imagination.


#9 Growth Ruler for Children

This tall wooden ruler, although simple to create and adorn, enables you to watch your child’s progress without destroying your walls! It’s a simple craft that will amuse kids of all ages since it involves just a huge piece of standard-sized timber, a measuring tape, and a permanent marker.

When your friends see this ruler in your living room, they’ll want one for their own children. Consider inquiring ahead of time if anybody else is interested in this project; you may be able to obtain a lower deal on a bigger purchase of timber.


#8 The Wooden Plane

Working on this magnificent wooden aircraft is an excellent alternative for individuals searching for a new pastime or a lengthier project to do with their children.

It’s not a tough job, but it will take some time and patience to complete. This exquisite artwork, however, would also make wonderful handcrafted presents for adults and children who adore collectibles and aviation models.


#7 Make Your Own Birdhouse

Many children like playing with birds. Some people like the thought of raising a bird and then seeing her extend her wings and fly.

A homemade birdhouse would be an excellent present for such a child. They will treasure it, keep their bird in it, and enjoy having complete control over the bird.

Even better, you may add your own creative touches to make the birdhouse as interesting as your imagination allows.


#6 Plans for a Wooden Rocking Horse

Rocking horses are among the most popular children’s toys and home dΓ©cor items of all time. You may learn how to make your own at home using these basic blueprints.

Of course, you can customize it even more by carving or modifying the form of the horse, or, like with other woodworking projects, you may pick particular colors and paint it with the kids.


#5 Balanced Scorecard

This balancing board is an excellent method to improve your balance without risking a broken collarbone or shattered teeth. It will also be enjoyable for your children to create. It necessitates the use of power tools, which might be fascinating for children who get bored with safe hobbies.

While it seems easy enough to construct without a plan, you’ll want to ensure that the measurements of the wheel are correct so that it’s not lopsided. That implies you’ll need a guide at the very least. Here’s one that’s quite nice.


#4 Toy Woodworking Plans for Children

Do you want to learn how to make toys for your children on your own? Or even teach them how to manufacture them and collaborate on these enjoyable toys? Then Ted’s Designs has hundreds of wonderful wooden toy plans for you.

You’ll be able to pick from a variety of projects according on your skill set, and as your talents increase, you’ll be able to make more complex yet fun toys. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you may go on to building doll homes or tree houses.


#3 Mason Bee House

This Mason bee home is ideal for children who like nature. Building a pollinator home provides bees with shelter and enables your children to benefit the environment. The species that the home attracts seldom sting, so it’s a relatively risk-free method for your children to aid the bees.

The drill is the most difficult equipment in this DIY wood project. If your children are small, you’ll want to drill the holes, and here’s a set of drawings you can use to ensure the home is as waterproof as possible.


#2 Wooden Shoe Rack- Simple Carpentry Projects for Kids

A wooden shoe rack is an excellent method to organize and store your child’s shoes. Your youngster can measure, cut, and sand the wood to make this handy piece of furniture with the assistance of an adult.

To preserve the wood, apply some paint or varnish. Your youngster will have an useful and elegant shoe rack that will endure for years.


#1 Plan For a House Stairwell Slide for Children

Looking for a more involved woodworking project? Then try this great steps slide layout that your kids and perhaps even you will like. To ensure your safety, make sure you follow all of the safety rules and guidelines.

It’s certainly not the ideal option if you’re brand new to woodworking, but if you already have some skills, it’s a beautiful and one-of-a-kind addition to any house with children. Of course, you may create the slide indoors or outdoors in your yard, ultimately encircling it with a playground or a gorgeous fortification.


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While these designs will allow you to get started with woodworking and work on enjoyable projects, they will also allow you to begin working on larger woodworking projects. On a budget, you may beautify your house and make one-of-a-kind home decor pieces and furniture.


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So why wait? Start building something amazing with your kids today with these simple wood projects!


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