14 Dremel Wood Carving Projects For Beginners

Dremel wood carving projects

A rotary tool is what the Dremel is. It comes with a variety of attachments and heads, and there are many more available that may increase the hand tool’s usability and functionality. Not only is it an excellent DIY tool for cutting, sanding, and sawing, as well as getting into small spots, but it can also significantly save the time required to whittle, carve, and cut elegant and artistic-looking designs.

The 13 projects listed below are perfect for Dremel woodworkers, whether you’re an expert carver searching for your next project or are just getting started with a Dremel in hand. They will teach you how to make wood crafts with a dremel. Any of them may be transformed into a charming handcrafted present for a loved one or a brand-new addition to your house with a little adjustment.

We have included some suggestions for ornamental carvings as well as things like trinket boxes and letter openers. They look fantastic and really accomplish anything.


#13 Making a Tiny Owl


Source : Youtube

In this example, the owl has been carved to appear as though he is perched in the tree that he is made from. Owls are a common subject for wood carving. The VersaTip or the pyrography tips, which are available for the Dremel and allow for wood burning and scorching, may be used to create the darkened eyes.

#12 Dremel Wood Ring Design


Source : Youtube

This Dremel wood carving project is awesome since it would make a great present for a girlfriend or lover. You may learn how to make a template for the ring in this video, then learn how to carve it out of a tiny piece of wood.

Beginners will love this project since it only need a little piece of wood to get started. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about having to throw away a sizable piece of pricey wood if you make mistakes more than once.

Different Dremel attachments are required to shape, cut, engrave, and finally sand the ring. If you don’t want to have the engraving done, you may still have a lovely completed product.

You may turn this ring into a necklace or connect it to something by drilling a hole through the Dremel-carved ring.

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#11 Making Power Carved Eyes with a Dremel

Source :Youtube

Grab a tiny wooden cylinder and cut off the eyes if you have small Dremel tools. You will be able to practice your meticulous work on this innovative project. For this project, you will want a spherical burr as well as a couple taper burrs.

To give the piece a more polished appearance, you may also opt to finish it with a wood stain. If you’re interested in carving figures later on, this is an excellent opportunity for practice because the eyes may be a tricky element to get correctly.

#10 Snail

Source : Reddit 

The Dremel has the advantage of being just the right size to carve miniatures without being too small to be useful. A rustic home doorway would look lovely with this sculpture of a snail and a mushroom.

#9 Simple Dremel Bird Pattern for Newbies

Source : Youtube

You may carve out this beginner-friendly bird pattern if letters aren’t your thing. Before beginning, you need print off the design and transfer it to your wooden board. How to hold your Dremel and carve out the bird’s details is covered in this video.

When using a Dremel, it’s crucial to have stable hands since you’ll have more control when working on the pattern’s corners and tiny details. This pattern is perfect for beginners since it has a lot of softly curved lines in addition to straight lines.

#8 Making an axe handle

It is even more astounding given that the poster claims this is their first effort at creating a knife. The handle was carved using a Dremel, which can also be used to generate the knicks and other markings in the blade itself due to the tool’s flexibility, and is made of aluminum and wood.

#7 Using a Dremel to carve a pumpkin


Why carve pumpkins the old-fashioned manner with a knife when you can add far more detail with a Dremel? This Halloween, use your rotary tool to trace a pattern before carving it out to demonstrate your artistic prowess.

Compared to utilizing a serrated knife, you’ll have considerably more carving control, and your design will undoubtedly win the competition. Dremel tools may be used on a variety of surfaces in addition to wood.

#6 Wooden Skull Carving with a Dremel

Source : Youtube

You may use your Dremel rotary tool to carve a wooden skull if you want to go with the Halloween motif. Although walnut wood is used in this video, you may use any wood you have on hand.

You’ll need a Little Terrier carving bit for this project to block out the bigger areas, and a spherical burr for the finer details. Beginners may find this to be a fun project as they practice using various attachments and become accustomed to how the Dremel feels in their hands.

#5 The Wool Bowl

Source : Handimania

The side of a wool bowl or yarn bowl has a piece carved out of it. The end of the wool ball is threaded through the aperture while it rests inside the bowl. The wool ball remains in the bowl while you pull and is presented to you via the opening. Any wooden or bamboo bowl may be transformed into a yarn bowl using a Dremel tool.

#4 Making Celtic Knots using a Dremel

Source : Youtube

For your next Dremel project, pick this pattern if you like the way Celtic knots are designed and how they interlock with one another. To keep the knots appearing neat, you should keep your lines crisp.

Since you’ll be employing both negative and positive space relief to carve the knot, get a little piece of wood with a moderate thickness. You may learn how to carve Celtic knots using only two-bit attachments by watching this video.

#3 Tree

Natural objects like trees make excellent topics since they benefit from a more rougher design and rough edges than they do from a flawless and remarkable finish. Although this tree looks fantastic as is, if you choose, you might take a little more effort to give it a more polished appearance.

#2 Jewelry box

Source : Youtube 

Reclaimed wood was used to make this trinket box, and the lid’s hand-engraved design was etched with a Dremel. It is intended as a wedding, birthday, or engagement gift, but you could construct your own trinket box as a treat for yourself to store and safeguard treasures like jewelry. Discover here how to assemble a Dremel trinket box!

#1 Using a Dremel to engrave a leather phone case

Source : Dremel

A leather phone cover on which to carve your design and a Dremel multi-tool are required for this project. Because leather can cut more easily than wood and you may practice on a softer surface, this is a simple job for beginners.

Before beginning, you can trace your design onto the phone case. The design will then remain on the leather surface when you trace it over with your Dremel tool.

On a metal phone cover, if you’re feeling very daring, you may try your hand at carving using a Dremel. Thankfully, you shouldn’t need to use the Dremel to cut any metal.

Final Thoughts

Practice is key to becoming a pro at wood carving. Focus on the basics and don’t feel overwhelmed by the number of tools available. Some beginner wood carving projects include whittling a spoon, bunny, 5-minute wizard, whiskey barrel, flower, owl, heart, cat, simple bowl, chopsticks, mushroom, gnome, fox, whistle, and walking stick. Start with easier projects and gradually progress to more challenging ones.

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I hope this article has provided you with a clear idea of what to expect when starting your journey in beginner Dremel wood carving projects. So, let’s get started and make the ultimate journey!

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