20 Simple Projects With Free Plans For Woodworking That Sells!


Most people’s financial situations would benefit greatly with even a little increase in income. You may supplement your income by concentrating on profitable woodworking projects if you have the necessary equipment and knowledge.

Since woodworking is both satisfying and profitable, it makes sense to combine the two.

One might make a livelihood off of selling woodwork as a full-time occupation. All you have to do is find your market, learn some marketing strategies, and start making sales online.

Yet, how do you begin? In what ways are woodworking projects popular today?


What is required? Read on to discover out. I’ve put in the time and effort required and spent all day researching woodworking projects that are for sale on websites like Etsy. I’ve compiled a list of 20 of the most popular DIYs that are also quite straightforward to construct.

Next, as you’ll see below, I tracked out free plans for other versions of each of these best-sellers to share with you.

Nevertheless, that’s not the whole story. If you want to make money with woodworking projects that sell, you need a strategy for the future.


If you’re interested in making a living as a woodworker, then settle back with a beverage of your choice and continue reading…

In General, This Is How You Can Make Money From Woodworking Products That Others Want To Buy

#1 Finding Your Niche

Choose a niche market that interests you, such as toys, furniture, home goods, presents for ladies, etc.

The goal is to amass a large number of devoted admirers. These people are the ones who will buy from you repeatedly. One key to success is narrowing your focus to a certain market.

Below are the rules you should follow to achieve your goals: To assist others is not about helping a little bit here and there. It’s all about going above and beyond to aid the right people.

#2 Conduct Market Analysis

The list on this page is a great place to get started. Learn about your market and how to approach it.

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

Getting one or two product ideas is a wonderful place to begin; you don’t have to commit totally just yet.

#3 On the Third Phase, It’s All About the Place

Market your wares on the sites (like Craigslist, Etsy, and local events) where you want to sell them. Take careful notes on relevant information such as prices, descriptions, and top features. The end goal is to learn the appropriate price range in which to operate, the likes and preferences of your target audience, and the best sellers in your selected market.

#4 Excel Above the Competition

You need to outdo the competitors if you want to succeed. Improve it by adding new elements, changing the color scheme, or bundling it with related products.

Imagine yourself in the position of the client. Consider the situation from their point of view. Think about features customers would want to have included in what you’re doing and implement them. Prioritize them and try to imagine yourself in their shoes at all times.

This is not a chance for you to make a good impression on others or demonstrate your expertise. You want your potential buyers to exclaim, “Ahh, I need it right now!” I want, I want, I want! At that point, you will have found the secret to creating loyal clients who will sing your praises to anybody who would listen.

#5 Create the product and market it.

Choose where to get your materials and how to construct your projects for the least amount of money (without sacrificing quality of course).

Develop a showpiece item, then photograph it meticulously. In other words, this is not the place to cut corners. Fantastic visuals are always well received. Consider the setting, the lighting, the absence of shadows, etc…

Choose a price, put it up, and start promoting it! If you need assistance in any of these areas, all you have to do is conduct a little research on Google.

The objective is to amass an enthusiastic fan base. These people are the greatest clients you can have since they keep coming back for more. Finding a niche and sticking to it is key. Observe these guidelines if you want to achieve success: To assist everyone just a little is not enough. All that matters is lending a hand to those who can put it to good use.

Continue reading to perhaps get some excellent ideas to get you started!

How To Make Money With Woodworking?

Are you a passionate woodworker looking to turn your hobby into a profitable business? Or are you just starting out and looking to learn the fundamentals of woodworking? Regardless of your skill level, here is a step -by-step guide on how to start a woodworking business for beginners.

You don’t have to be an expert in woodworking to turn your passion into a profitable business. Even if you are just starting out, with a few beginner-level woodworking courses under your belt, you’ll be able to create simple but creative woodworking projects that can earn you money. From wooden dog ID tags, mobile holders, bookmarks, coasters, jewelry boxes, and bath caddies, there are plenty of easy-to-make items that can bring in some extra income. So don’t let a lack of advanced skills hold you back from exploring the possibilities of woodworking as a business. Start learning and creating today!


How to Turn Your Woodworking Hobbies into a Full-Time Income

#20 The Floating Shelves

The idea came from Krista of Remodelaholic. In her instructional video, she used knotty Aldor and a gel stain for the final touch. You may, of course, alter these settings if you so want.

The structure, however, is top-notch, with a reliable torsion box layout. She uses a table saw to rip the wood to size, and then uses glue, screws, and a finish nailer for the joinery. The end result is a straightforward undertaking that has been meticulously executed and seems like it will endure forever. It’s fantastic, really.

There are pre-cut widths available for specific boards, or you can have the men at the shop tear them for you if you don’t have a table saw. Use a miter saw to make the final length cuts before putting everything together.

You shouldn’t have any trouble moving them, since they are now quite trendy. I recommend researching the competition on marketplaces like Etsy in order to get insight into how you may improve your own offering.

#19 Stackable Boxes

This beautiful box shelving unit was assembled following a comprehensive guide with accompanying photographs found on FamilyHandyman. Although if this is presented in a rustic manner, he suggests ways in which it may be transformed into a more formal one.

This is really just a bunch of cubes that he explains how to construct separately. In certain cases, you may like to install the backing, while in others, you may wish to leave it off so that the wall behind the shelf can be seen. We use glue and nails to put everything together. If you want to stain it or paint it, go ahead.

You can screw them all together while hanging, and he shows you how to conceal the screws.

In general, anything that can be classified as wooden wall décor, like this one, should perform well on the digital marketplace.

#18 Drinking Container

The instructions for constructing this wooden beer caddy may be found on the website It’s a convenient way to transport drinks for parties (or binge drinking, if that’s your thing).

Following their directions would need the use of their Dremel tools at every stage. It’s not hard to figure out, however, how to create these cuts and pieces with whatever equipment you have lying around.

Flat boards and dowels will be glued and nailed or screwed together for the final construction.

#17 Docking Terminal for the Nightstand

Christine, from, shares her brilliant DIY charging station. She specifies each necessary cut, including angles, board thickness, and assembly instructions in great detail.

Wood glue and a brad nailer are used to secure the pieces together, and the nails are 1-1/4 inches long. She shows the complete procedure with clear pictures and gives thorough directions. I think this is a great example of how to do something.

As this sort of project may be applied to a wide range of people, it can be marketed to the masses with the expectation of high volume sales and satisfactory returns even if individual units don’t fetch high prices.

#16 Cars and trucks for kids

This toy set for youngsters from is perfect for giving as a little but thoughtful present.

The key to success with toys like this is to make them appear exciting and vibrant. Because of how little it costs to produce each one, you couldn’t possibly sell them for very much. As a result, bulk packaging might be the most convenient option.

Even though I’m sure a scroll saw would make quick work of this, I’m still tempted to use a regular saw. A jigsaw should suffice for cutting them. Do a few practice cuts with the jigsaw before getting your expectations up; you won’t want to spend too much time sanding if you’re disappointed. When done correctly, the cuts made with a scroll saw create a lovely, smooth finish.

#15 Model Vehicles

You can’t go wrong with this kid-friendly gift bundle from

The key to success with toys like this is to make them appear exciting and vibrant. Because they’re so inexpensive to produce, you couldn’t possibly sell them for very much per unit. This suggests that maybe they should be sold in bulk.

I’m certain that a scroll saw would make quick work of this, but even so… These are easy enough to cut with a jigsaw that you won’t need any special tools. If you’re going to use a jigsaw, practice a few times and don’t get your hopes up until you know for sure that you want to cope with that much sanding. A correctly used scroll saw, however, would leave a very smooth finish after making these cuts.

#14 Jewelry Box

Here on Popular Woodworking you can find detailed instructions for constructing a beautiful jewelry box. It’s more difficult to make, but it’s a high-quality item that may fetch $40 or $50 on the web.

Any item that can be used as a thoughtful and inexpensive present by women of varying ages, such as this, is likely to perform well in the internet marketplace.

#13 Chopping block

Stunning Edge grain butcher block cutting board, with an excellent instruction available at I’m not really in the market for DIY crafts, but I may create one of these for my wife.

Don’t simply grab any old board you have laying around; put some thought into the sort of wood you use. In order to help you choose the finest timber for your construction, we have included a link to an informative essay on the topic on the dedicated website.

You’ll be squaring it up and molding the edges after roughly cutting the strips of wood to size, gluing them together, and letting the glue dry. They suggest using mineral oil and beeswax, both of which are safe for consumption, as a coating. Excellent work; I imagine it would get at least $50 at retail.

#12 Chess Board

Online chess board sales are booming, and it’s easy to understand why: every chess player loves a beautiful, handcrafted piece of hardwood. Jay’s Custom Creations crafted this one in special.

His work is excellent, and his website has a comprehensive guide. I think you could get at least $150 for this set if you included the chess pieces.

#11 A Kid’s Picnic Table

Another great job from one of my favorite do-it-yourself web sites, A little picnic table, like the one outlined here, is a terrific and useful project.

Due to the low barrier to entry and high likelihood of fierce competition, you’ll need to either differentiate your product in some manner or discover a means to produce it for pennies on the dollar without compromising on quality. So, you may set a lower pricing and get a market share advantage.

Everything You Need To Know About Setting Up Your Ultimate Small Woodworking Workshop

Building a dedicated woodshop from scratch might be frightening, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. This easy-to-follow manual will walk you through the process of establishing a productive and reasonably priced office space from scratch. Having a secure and functional workshop is crucial whether you’re just starting out or want to sell your products in the near future. This manual will help you get started in woodworking and make sure you have the essential tools and safety equipment to succeed.

Set Up Your Ultimate Small Shop Today!

#10 Crayon Holder

Suncatcher Studio presents an exciting and simple project. The guide is comprehensive and provides useful blueprints.

Assuming that the demand is there, I would construct a small number to test the market and then use that information to inform the design of further variations. The alligator could be more appealing to some children than a piano.

#9 File Cabinet Organizer

The author of Woodworking for Mere Mortals deserves your attention if you haven’t already seen his work. What he does is incredible. His finished product is a stylish and functional desk divider.

Taking a look at the prices of similar desk organizers on Etsy, I would say that you could easily get $60 for this.

#8 Wine Rack

I guess it’s true what they say about how much a person loves their boo. Because of this, the folks at Minwax made a fantastic lesson for it on their website.

There is a huge demand for aesthetic and practical DIY projects like this one on the internet. It might be useful to study the competitors to learn from their strategies and methods. Think of anything else you can add to make yours stand out from the competition.

#7 Frame for Pictures in a Country Style

A wooden photo frame like this one is a basic but intriguing concept. It was completed at

Considering how commonplace it is to buy a picture frame, yours will need to be unique to attract customers. This kind of creative flair is exactly the kind of thing you should be selling.

#6 Toy Rubberband Gun presents an entertaining DIY activity. It wouldn’t fetch a high price in the market, but it also wouldn’t cost too much to produce.

You may look for methods to add color or intrigue. Maybe there are ways to make it hold more rubber bands, or it might be constructed such that two bands could be loaded at once. Keep in mind that increasing sales will be a direct result of performing these tasks in any manner that sets them apart from the competition.

#5 Wooden Toy Cooking

The excellent has produced another another instructional guide. Every kids should have this toy. They are a hit with children and may be given as presents. In other words, it’s likely that sales will be excellent.

Finding a technique to make yours stand out and be distinctive without increasing the expense of the project is highly recommended. That’s the pitch I would make for this kind of endeavor.

#4 A Set of Stacking Blocks

Those planning to appeal to parents may also find the following solution useful. WeeFolkArt is responsible for the plans. I think this traditional children’s toy would perform extremely well since it has stood the test of time. Most of the fun looking thrilling plastic toys sold at big retailers these days break within a week, and this is especially true given that we live in the era of cheap terrible toys. Indeed, we go through this every year around the holidays with our kids.

Consumers are beginning to catch on, and they’re on the lookout for basic wooden toys that are both entertaining and long-lasting. Here’s when this set of stacking blocks comes in handy.

#3 Vertical Planter Box

Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or just want some fresh ideas for profitable woodworking projects, check out this excellent and straightforward creation by the incomparable Ana White.

Her normal strategies are well thought out and simple to execute. You could use screws, glue and brads, simply glue, or a finish nailer to put this together. Building this product in bulk (say, for four or five customers at once) would be a breeze. The only time-consuming aspect will be tailoring production to each order’s specific quantity requirements.

Not a lot of money could be made off of this, but it would be popular with a sizable demographic of internet customers—female shoppers and homeowners. This implies that, with the right advertising, you might move a lot of these pots.

#2 Toy Chest Treasure

From the fantastic website comes this brilliant concept for a toy box. You should go see what she does over there because it’s quite sweet (no affiliation).

Making and selling just kid-oriented products online, such as toys, clothes, and accessories, may be a lucrative business strategy. When parents do discover presents that are both enjoyable and useful, they often return for more. With good reason, too; most parents need to stock up on presents more than once a year. In addition, they disseminate the news. The majority of parents regularly socialize with other parents. You may be able to leave your day job if you start an online craft shop and sell your wares on sites like Etsy.

#1 Seasonal and Occasional Signs

Amy of came up with this creative and adaptable sign concept. I really like the direction she took with this guide, and while the construction is simple, you could easily adapt it to suit any holiday or special occasion by just changing the colors and decorations. Maybe a birthday sign would be a good investment. If you decide to sell seasonal signage, I predict that you may begin doing so one month before the Christmas season officially begins.

The glue-and-nail joinery and jigsaw cutout make this project ideal for amateurs. As a result, it would be simple to create a variety of event and holiday-themed signage, photograph them attractively, and then sell them online. Then, make them once clients place their orders to cater to their specific preferences.

Want to unleash your inner craftsman and take you woodworking skills to the next lever. We got you cover ” Over 10K Additional Woodworking Plans to Transform Your Home & Garden”

OVER 10,000 Woodworking Plans At Your Disposal

While these designs will allow you to get started with woodworking and work on enjoyable projects, they will also allow you to begin working on larger woodworking projects. On a budget, you may beautify your house and make one-of-a-kind home decor pieces and furniture.


To Sum Up

In conclusion, these are just a few examples of woodworking projects that sell. The key to success in woodworking is to find a project you’re passionate about, put your heart into it, and market your creations effectively. With hard work and determination, you can turn your hobby into a profitable business. Good luck!

Last but not least, explore the largest collection of woodworking plans and blueprints ever assembled, with 16,000 projects that have been “done for you.”


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