The 6 Essential Table Saw Jigs for Any Woodworker


I invest a considerable amount of effort in preparing the equipment I need for my tasks. It’s incredible how much effort goes into a few seemingly simple cuts. It makes it reasonable to have a few of standard jigs to facilitate those irritating set-ups for the kind of cuts that occur often. is one of my go-to resources for jigs and other helpful tips. The vast information included in this encyclopedia makes it a useful resource for both general research and more focused inquiries. Here are five table saw jigs that are sure to be put to use as soon as they are completed:

1.  Crosscut Sled

If you don’t already have one, you should start with a great crosscut sled. This is a fantastic beginner way to start your project.

2. Circle Cutting Jig

You won’t realize how much you need the circle cutting jig until it’s too late. The wooden circle has several uses around the store, including clocks, tables, and toy wheels. The table saw is the most precise tool to use for cutting a huge wooden circle, and although it may be time-consuming and messy, it is a nice jig to have hanging around.


3. Taper Cutting Jig

Even though tapers aren’t used very often, this jig is likely to make them a much more frequent adornment on items leaving the business. A simple taper adds a touch of elegance to a piece, and this straightforward jig makes cutting one as simple as choosing an angle and starting the cut.

4. Kerfmaker Style Box junction Jig


Without the need of any specialized bits or equipment, the box junction gives boxes and drawers added sturdiness and appeal. Without a precise and repeatable cutting jig, it is impossible to build up strong joints that are both functional and attractive. This jig is precisely what you should be making before taking on any of the drawers on your project list.

5. A Thin rip jig

Using a thin rip jig to make thin stock strips for square doweling, wood laminations, or little pieces is fantastic. The offcut, which maintains the strips the same width regardless of where the fence is placed, is the final piece (the portion that falls to the outside of the blade, not the fence side).

6. Rockler tiny pieces Table Saw Sled

You may use your table saw to lengthen tiny pieces using the Rockler tiny pieces Table Saw Sled. This table saw sled works well for precisely 90° angling dowels, tenon stock, and tiny moldings with minimal to no tear-out. The table saw sled has zero-clearance support, which lessens the possibility of tiny components dropping through or being caught between the throat plate and table saw blade. The drop-off piece is transported away from the blade by a little plastic ramp on one side of the kerf. A miter track stop on this table saw sled restricts the sled’s forward motion.

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The 5 Essential Table Saw Jigs for Any Carpenter


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